Our approach to helping the Afar people

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Awareness and advocacy

We boost awareness and advocacy for the voiceless

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Education and literacy

We provide education and literacy for the next generation

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Health and food relief

We deliver health and food relief for the desperate

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Our projects

Biosand water filters

The Household Biosand Water Filter Project (phase 2) aims to build, monitor and train the beneficiaries of BioSand water filters to provide 200 households (1,500 people) in Ko’odiya Village (Afar Region, Ethiopia) with clean drinking water. Continue reading →

Bursary Students

Provide scholarship assistance for five Afar post-secondary students in Addis Ababa. By enabling them to finish their University studies, we promote and encourage these students to work and contribute to the development of the Afar Region upon graduation. Continue reading →

Mahi Difu

Support To Orphaned And Vulnerable Children In Afar Region
Provides support to 30 orphans and vulnerable children at the Mahi Difu Boarding School. Continue reading →

Refugee Assistance

Support To Eritrean Refugees in the Afar Region provides supplementary food assistance to ease the now critical problem of malnutrition in the UNHCR refugee/displaced people’s camps in Buure and Aysaita, Afar Region. Continue reading →