Mission Trip #2 – January 2008

Pre Can-Go Afar Foundation Formation


Warren Creates, Isla Creates, Neville Creates, Jamal Chehem, Joan Duguid, Victoria Henry, Ahmed Youssouf Mohamed, Jessika Oneid & Tara Virtue


To sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA) as well as the Afar Regional State Government, and to transfer the Canadian BioSand Water Filter technology to the Afar Region. To perform further needs assessments to better identify specific projects to support.


Both memorandums were signed signifying a welcome of our involvement in the Afar Region of Ethiopia. Also, the water filter construction and training proved to be successful as an agreement was put in place to install 12 filters as part of a pilot project concerning our clean water initiative. Finally, 2 education projects were identified and began implementation: the support for Mahi Difu Primary School for orphaned children and the sponsorship of 5 post-secondary Afar students for one year.

The achievements of this mission trip form the basis for the viable establishment of a charitable framework in Canada as there are clear identified projects for which Canadian donors will be solicited for support.  This framework will constitute the Can-Go Afar Foundation which, when formed, will seek to gain charitable status in Canada.