Mission Trip #5 – July 2010

Participating Directors:

Warren Creates (President) & Ahmed Youssouf Mohamed (VP)

Participating Donors:

Joseph Magnet


To audit ongoing projects, interview beneficiaries to evaluate positive impact, and visit the Assayita UNHCR refugee camp in order to conduct a needs assessment.  Secondly, to introduce Professor Joseph Magnet to Afar Elders in order to acquire a deeper understanding of the needs in regards to the relief of poverty and minority/indigenous rights.


Through the visit to the Assayita UNHCR refugee camp it was evident that there were a growing number of impoverished Afar refugees originating from Eritrea.  Evidence of malnourished infants, children and pregnant women was found and brought to the attention of the ARRA, APDA and the authorities with the Canadian Embassy so as to build awareness and engage their support with this looming crisis.


All goals were accomplished.  Additionally, Professor Joseph Magnet directly funded and oversaw the special project of the delivery of footwear to all children (1,042) in the Assayita UNHCR refugee camp through the support of the Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA).  Additionally, introduced Professor Joseph Magnet to the implementing partners and political leaders in the Afar region to further his understanding of the region and the specific needs of its people.