Mission Trip #10 – November 2014

Participating Directors:

Warren Creates (President), Jason Kelly (VP, Projects – Secretary/Treasurer), Leah Mowers, Tony Stikeman & Aicha Kassim Youssef

Participating Donors

David Cork, Joan Duguid, Clayton Kennedy, Jenni Tipper & John Read


Audit the Foundation’s ongoing projects and interview the beneficiaries.  To introduce donors/philanthropists to implementing partners and projects.  For Joan Duguid, Registered Nurse, to provide medical expertise and training along with much needed medical supplies to the Barbara May Maternity Hospital (Mille, Afar).  For Foundation Director Jason Kelly, to visit Djibouti and search for local partners for projects that are aligned with the Can-Go Afar Foundation’s objectives in providing relief of poverty to the Afar people.


During our meeting with the Mahi Difu primary school it was noticed that the school operation was downsized as it was evident that there were fewer students.  After discussion, it was discovered that the school had lost several of its funding partners, resulting in the observed decrease in number of students.  As part of this discussion it also became apparent that Can-Go Afar was one of only two remaining funding partners for the school.  There was increased pressure from the administrators of the school to increase Can-Go Afar Foundation’s funding in order to stabilize the situation.  However, the situation may prove to be more dire than the capacity of the Can-Go Afar Foundation can support and maintain.

Djibouti is a different country and the Foundation has never conducted any projects outside of Ethiopia.  By taking on a trial with new a partner there are always risks and challenges that need to be evaluated.  The issues that face the urban Afar in Djibouti City are quite different than those faced by the pastoralist Afar in Ethiopia, as there is tremendous urban poverty and issues not yet being dealt with as in Afar communities in Ethiopia.


All mission trip goals outlined were accomplished.  Additionally, funding was provided to the remote hamlet of Undurou to assist with the relief of the current drought and its harsh effects on the livestock.  Joan Duguid also provided extensive medical support to the Barabara May Maternity Hospital including time in the operating room and with labour and deliveries.

Foundation Director Jason Kelly successfully visited Djibouti and met with local charitable organization l’Union pour le Développement Culture (UDC) several times to understand the pressing issues in Djibouti that are affecting the Afar people.  During the visit to Djibouti funding was provided to the youth organizer of UDC to provide cultural education to impoverished urban youth.  A trial project was proposed by UDC to fund a regional mobile teacher providing basic literacy (financial, mathematical, reading/writing, human health, HIV awareness, etc.) for a one year program (each region requires one year to complete the program).  If the trial was successful, the idea would be to expand the program to additional regions/multiple regions in succeeding years.  Additionally, the decision was made to contribute towards the purchase price of a medical device for the Barbara May Maternity Hospital; a flowmeter that measures urine flow for a medical research project regarding maternal health.