APDA – Ethiopia

The Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA) is a humanitarian NGO, working in the Afar Region since 1995, delivering the social services of primary health and education to the Afar pastoral society. The Can- Go Afar foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with APDA, which institutionalizes the cooperation between the two organizations in delivering humanitarian projects in the Afar Region, in the field of water, education and health. To read more about this organization please visit their website at


OCM Manufacturing

Founded in 1988, OCM Manufacturing is an Ottawa-based company that specializes in contract electronics manufacturing for low- to mid-volume product lines. The company provides turnkey electronics manufacturing and supply chain services, from printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and test services to full system assembly and test, a complete suite of warranty administration, field return servicing and other after market services, as well as original design manufacturing and Asia-based services. OCM Manufacturing has made a $10,000 contribution for the construction and maintenance of Household BioSand water filters in the Afar Region/Ethiopia, a project of the Can-Go Afar Foundation, a humanitarian organization dedicated to helping Afar people in the Horn of Africa. To read more about this company please visit


Biosand Water Filter Technology

The BioSand Water Filter or BSF has been patented in Canada, and was developed in response to the need to provide adequate quantities of ‘safe’ water to disadvantaged people, households and communities worldwide. Since the time the first filters were constructed in 1992, many thousands of household BSF’s have been built and operated in more than 70 countries. David Manz, the inventor of this amazing technology, has trained a group of Can-Go Afar representatives on how to build and maintain the BSF filters. The BioSand Filters that Can-Go Afar is using remove up to 99% of organic contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, worms and particles. The device uses local materials and has no moving parts. More information on how the "Household Concrete Water Filter" works can be found at


Collins Barrow Ottawa LLP

Collins Barrow Ottawa LLP provides expert tax, assurance, and entrepreneurial services to help your business or organization grow and prosper. Clients turn to them for hands-on partner involvement, practical tax strategies that save, reduce or defer all forms of taxation, and strategic consultation to more effectively plan and manage their operations. Since 1963, they've built their reputation on a solid foundation of core values. Integrity, excellence, and respect. They believe in doing it right - answering questions, providing workable solutions, creating value and saving money with high-quality, professional services. Collins Barrow Ottawa LLP has generously offered to perform Can –Go Afar Foundation’s audit for free, allowing us to minimize costs in Canada and focus the funds to our projects in the Afar region, Ethiopia. To read more about their work and what they do please visit


Industrial Media

Founded in 1998, Industrial Media is a full-service Internet agency that specializes in building online presence and helping clients leverage web technologies to become more efficient, more effective, and more profitable. Their portfolio includes work with private and public corporations, government, e-business ventures, advocacy campaigns, industry associations, and not-for-profit organizations. Industrial Media has sponsored the redesign and maintenance of the Can –Go Afar Foundation website. To read more about their work and what they do please visit