Providing support to 30 orphans and vulnerable children at the Mahi Difu Boarding School in Samarah, Afar Region


30 orphaned and vulnerable children, in Mahi Difu Boarding School


CDN $4,200


December 2008 – Ongoing (renewable every 3 months)

Local Implementing Partner

Mahi Difu Child Care and Development Organization

Project rationale

The Afar pastoralists have been severely challenged by both natural and human–made disasters. The society has lost 50 -75% of their livestock due to successive drought that hit much of the Afar Region in 2002/3, 2004/5 and again in 2009. Within the Afar culture, men are expected to defend their territories and herds, whereas women and children are often engaged in household chores.

Men are often victims of conflict with the neighboring Issa pastoralist, a conflict that has taken place for decades. This has resulted in an increase in the number of orphans. Another factor contributing to the number of orphans and vulnerable children in the Afar Region is the widespread dissemination of HIV/AIDS due to lack of awareness and harmful traditional practices.

The Afar are pastoralists and as a result have little access to education. Illiteracy is estimated at 94%.

The Can-Go Afar Foundation decided in 2007 that supporting education for children at the primary level is a worthy goal/cause. Over the past year (2008-2009), Can-Go Afar provided assistance to the Mahi Difu Child Care and Development Organization Boarding School in Samera, capital of Afar Region, Ethiopia for 30 orphans and vulnerable children, all under 10years old.

Project implementation

The Can-Go Afar Foundation is providing on-going funding to support 30 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) in a boarding school through our local implementing partner Mahi Difu Child Care & Development Organization. At the end, and upon receipt of a detailed activity and financial report, our Foundation provides funding for next quarter. These 30 children are being provided with schooling, housing, clothes, meals and some modest pocket money for festival occasions that preserve the Afar culture.

The project cost for each quarter is C $4,200 covering the following activities for 30 orphaned and vulnerable children:

  • Basic/supplementary food.
  • Uniforms, ordinary clothes and shoes.
  • Support with health related services
  • School supplies and materials.
  • Sanitation services.

Project photo gallery

Thank you for taking the time to keep me updated on your positive programs such as building BioSand Filters in the Northern Afar Region, Refugee Aid and Education/Literacy. These are extremely valuable initiatives and I am very supportive of your noble cause.

- David McGuinty/M.P., Ottawa South