"The work of Can-Go Afar foundation is amazing.  I know them, I have followed their work from the start, I know Valerie who is implementing many of their projects in Ethiopia, and we all need to support them."

- David Kilgour, Former Member of Parliament and Secretary of State for Africa


"The need is great. We want to help. I am committed to this important cause. We are able to, so we do it."

- Dave Smith, OC, Ottawa's Philanthropist


"Thank you for taking the time to keep me updated on your positive programs such as building BioSand Filters in the Northern Afar Region, Refugee Aid and Education/Literacy. These are extremely valuable initiatives and I am very supportive of you noble cause." - David McGuinty/M.P., Ottawa South


"Sanitation is a global concern. Spending a small amount of money to improve the quality of drinking water in Africa can benefit the whole world because healthy populations increase self-sufficiency and enable stronger economies. Pandemics have taught us that we all have a stake in ensuring our neighbours' health."

- Dr. Michel Jullian, President and CEO of OCM Manufacturing


" Congratulations on this excellent function and your great work for a humanitarian cause to assist deserving people... all best wishes." Azhar Ali Khan, OC


"Hey Warren... Congrats on the event and all you do for seemingly resourceful people in a tough part of the world. Although I could not bid to go to Africa at this time, I am pleased to help you where I can. Don't stop believing in Africa my friend" - Ion Aimers, President, The Works


"Congratulations - again, on making a difference ...." - Max Keeping, Vice-President, CTV


" Warren, you have done a great job with this...I'm sure the people in the Afar region look up to you and your team as saviors." - Mo Charania, President, Jubilee Fine Jewelers


"Congratulations on this successful project...we had seen the report on TV yesterday.  What an excellent cause to support..I have been to Ethiopia and know how arid the region is. The Danakil desert is one of the driest places on Earth and the people suffer greatly with annual drought. We forget how lucky we are in the Western World to have running water." - Paul White


" Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of and to be able to contribute in our very small way to this challenging undertaking." Otto Heberlein, General Manager (retired), Sheraton Hotel


"Congratulations Can go Afar Foundation for this significant achievement. I am certain that we all are proud of your accomplishments, and I hope that you will capitalize on this success and move forward. Keep up the good work!" Dahilon, Afar Community in Canada